Thousands of People Unable to find the On the Beach Contact Number

July 24, 2018 0 By adminpeng

Schools out for the summer, and so the peak travel season has begun. Airport security queues are fillingsitting on the beach up, flights are running out of Fruit Shoots and grumpy locals are waiting for the tourists with bated breath. Previously, Brits relied on high street travel agents to book their holiday – it was a ritual to go into town and sit down at a desk for hours, pouring over brochures and meticulously choosing every aspect of your holiday.  Nowadays a lot of people book their holidays online, either directly through airlines or by using an independent package holiday retailer like On the Beach.

On the Beach is one of the UK’s most popular travel websites. It uses a comparison tool to find you the cheapest flights for your dates and destination, and then shows you prices for hotel rooms which are supplied through On the Beach’s own network of contacts. You can also book travel extras such as transfers and baggage through the On the Beach contact number. The idea is that it is a simple way to book a holiday on the cheap. The company has been established for many years now, with large offices in the UK and a known reputation in the travel industry.

Sadly, a lot of On the Beach’s customers have encountered problems. This includes bookings not going through, poor customer service, missed refunds or even cancelled flights. In terrible scenarios like this, the first point of contact would be the travel website you booked through, of course. However, thousands of irate customers have reported being unable to find the contact number for On the Beach. They can contact the live chat or customer service email address, but sometimes the best reassurance that your holiday isn’t ruined comes from a human being on the other end of the phone.

Travel Companies Hiding Contact Numbers

Companies such as On the Beach often hide their phone number due to high volumes of complaints or their call centres being bombarded after an airline goes bust. However, that is not helpful for the everyday queries that customers have, such as lost baggage, cancelled flights or refunds. Customers are getting increasingly upset with On the Beach and how difficult they can be to contact, particularly if you are abroad or due to travel imminently – you definitely don’t have time to email or live chat!

Contacting On the Beach does not need to be difficult. It is not fair on customers for companies to hide their contact number for the sake of a few bouts of high call volumes. Not everyone has the time to wait for a reply on live chat, and email is notoriously slow. That’s why we’ve found the On the Beach contact Number.

How to Contact On the Beach

If you are a customer of On the Beach and you need to contact them for any reason, you can do by finding the contact number online. Telephoning On the Beach is a straightforward process with automated menu options to help you reach the correct department in a timely manner. Time is money when you’re on holiday, so you don’t want to be hanging around waiting for someone to email you back.