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Travel Vaccinations: All You Need to Know

Going on holiday and travelling to new places can be exciting and even life-changing. However, it could change your life negatively if you contract an infectious disease while you are on your travels. This is why it is a requirement to get the appropriate travel vaccinations for whichever countries you will be travelling to. For…

By Lydia September 17, 2019 0

Travel Vaccinations at Boots Guide

Sometimes when planning a trip, it is easy to overlook things like travel vaccinations. However, getting the appropriate vaccinations before your travel is vitally important. Some travel vaccinations are free on the NHS, but some have to be paid for. You can book travel vaccinations and have them administered safely at pharmacies such as Boots…

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Which travel vaccinations are free on the NHS?

If you are travelling outside of the UK, whether on holiday or for business, then you might need to go for vaccinations first. Vaccines are rarely at the top of checklists when travellers are planning a trip abroad, but they are often legal requirements. Some travel vaccines are available on the NHS, but others are…

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